Week 06

160411 – 160417 — Total classroom hours: 16.25

More Rails! Who would have guessed?! At least I’m starting to get comfortable with the process. That’s not to say I’m cranking through it now, but there’s a little less head-scratching. This week started off with associating the Posts and Topics. It was a long checkpoint, and the entire time I was thinking to myself “if the checkpoint is this long I can only imagine how long the assignment is”. The assignment wasn’t really that bad, it was long, but I basically followed the same process as the checkpoint and after a few hours I came out on top with ‘Sponsored Posts’ being associated with Topics. I must say, it felt like quite the accomplishment to make that all happen. It’s all about the small victories.

Next up was Validations, which was pretty logical coding and went relatively quickly. It was nice to knock another checkpoint out and move into something I was particularly interested in, User Models and Sign In capabilities. How do you know that I’m on the right track in the pursuit of a career in programing? I get excited about something called User Models, something I couldn’t have explained to anyone 3 months ago.

I’m excited about User Models because every website that you go to has a sign in, and I’ve always been curious as to what’s on the backend of that process. Its also something that has intrigued me about the digital environment we are all immersed in. We all have countless username/password credentials floating around the internet. I think it would be interesting to have a capability to scrub the entirety of the internet and accumulate all of one individual’s log-ins. I bet we have more personal information out there than we think.

Well, that was a nice sidetrack, but to get back to school, User Models and their respective authentications have gone relatively smoothly and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m still bypassing that last ‘Programming Reinforcement’ for now, hoping to find some time this coming week to chip away at some level 7 and 8 katas and chip away at that last set of challenges.

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